Kensington renovation

ARG has left a lasting mark on Perth, one home renovation at a time. From transforming quaint character homes into modern marvels to seamlessly blending contemporary style with timeless architecture, our team thrives on breathing new life into every renovation, extension or second-storey addition project. This California-style bungalow in Kensington was no exception! We were tasked with the challenge of giving the house a new lease of life with lower-floor and upper-floor extensions, with a particular focus on making the most of the property’s picturesque views of the Perth city skyline.

This was no mean feat. The design planning process for the extensions alone took several months, with our team working with the client to ensure their dreams were realised as closely as possible.

After all the plans were finalised, it was official: we were about to add 160 sqm of internal living space to this Kensington home, and it wasn’t going to be without its challenges!

We retained the existing floor plan as much as possible, adding a new dining area, living area, laundry, bathroom and outdoor alfresco area to make the most of the beautiful Perth summer nights. Perhaps our biggest challenge with this project was that the side access to the house was limited. So limited,l that we had concerns about our ability to work effectively and efficiently between our team and other trades. We were fortunate to gain additional access through a vacant block behind the property, resulting in minimal delays, effective work and eliminating additional expenses along the way.

The result was a very satisfying one, with the owners’ expectations exceeded in every way. They are now able to enjoy additional space, their city skyline views and a breath of fresh air to elevate the home’s modern appeal. Our team was humbled to be nominated as a finalist for a 2014 HIA Perth Housing Award for renovations/additions, but knowing our clients were as happy as we were was all the gratification we needed.

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