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Second Storey Additions

ARG Tradesmen at Work A completed project interior ARG Tradesmen at Work A completed project interior ARG Tradesmen at Work A completed project interior ARG Tradesmen at Work ARG Tradesmen at Work

Add a new story to your home's life.

At ARG, we know that the key to a successful second storey addition is a competent, trustworthy builder. ARG has more than 20 years’ experience, both in building new and renovating existing second storey additions and we take great pride in our projects. When your lifestyle and needs are changing, a second storey addition could bring the next chapter of your home to life.

The first step is to work closely with our clients, to understand their lifestyle and their desired outcome, so that we can make their dream living space a reality. Our award-winning Designers ensure seamless integration between old and new, incorporating energy-efficient designs with practical use of space.

ARG manages all of the required approvals, liaising with your local council to achieve planning approval and obtain a building permit. We work with outstanding Designers, Engineers and Tradespeople to achieve a high-quality, well-constructed renovation for our clients with as little disruption as possible. We use modern technologies and materials, with light-weight construction methods, to achieve high insulation ratings.

Adding a second storey to your house with ARG is the smart choice

We understand that renovating can be a stressful time and we do everything possible to minimise the impact during construction. ARG has completed many second storey additions over the years and our experience means that we have solutions for any challenges that might arise during construction. Our Site Manager is available at all times to assist our clients. Our dedicated team makes sure that lock-up is achieved quickly, which is crucial when a large area of the existing roof has to be removed to accommodate the new second storey.

Second Storey Additions: adding space and value to your home

Although there is a common belief that a second storey addition is more expensive than a ground floor extension, sometimes the reverse is true, when foundations and other costs are taken into account. Depending on the scope of work and the size of your property, it might make more sense financially to extend upwards rather than outwards. In our initial consultation, we will discuss the options for a second storey addition to your home.

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