If you are thinking of renovating your home, there are many ways to maximise the spaces you already have or to seamlessly blend them into an extension. While adding a second storey is one way to add square footage and curbside appeal, you may also consider easier and cheaper options like opening up your living spaces to seamlessly integrate with one another and create the illusion of space and grandeur. There are a few ways this can be achieved without requiring full scale renovations:

1) Think skylights, sliding and glass doors: 

You will find that adding a skylight, sliding or french doors will allow for a considerable amount of natural light to flood into your living areas. Sliding, french, and bi-folding doors are all great ways to seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor living areas, giving you more space to entertain without having to make hefty extensions which may eat into your backyard.

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2) Alfresco dining never goes out of style:

We are lucky to have great weather here in Perth, so why not make the most out of it? Being able to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces is a great way to maximise your living areas. Alfresco dining may even include an outdoor kitchen which is useful when catering for large groups or entertaining. An indoor/outdoor connection can also add a resort-style ambience to more intimate gatherings.

3) Room dividers, making the most out of your open plan:

Open plan living has the advantage of keeping spaces feeling connected. One trick builders may use to maximise on the visual impact of these spaces is to create flow and visually extend the eye to view the space as a whole while still using cleaver means to divide the spaces into distinct areas. While open plan living can be great for entertaining and family living, room dividers and open bookcases may help to define individual areas to create privacy and avoid the feel of an echoey, half empty room. Dividers still allow plenty of room for your guests to mingle, while keeping your everyday spaces practical, comfortable, light and open.

These are just a few ways you could make the most out of an extension. Whether that be by seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, maximising natural light or cleverly manipulating functional living spaces, ARG can come up with a solution for you that doesn’t involve a whole house upheaval.

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